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Periodontal Scaling and root planing in Maspeth

Dentist Maspeth
Dentist Maspeth

Are cracked, damaged, or missing teeth turning your smile into a frown? Give us a call at Dent-Care Dental, LLC, where you can find the Dentist Maspeth for all your cosmetic dental needs.

At Dent-Care Dental, LLC, we take pride in offering friendly, comfortable, and state-of-the-art dentistry to members of our Sunnyside NY community. With our staff’s elite training and highly advanced equipment, we’re ready to evaluate and treat each patient’s unique circumstances, enabling us to offer highly personalized care and outcomes that patients can’t help but smile about. Our services include teeth cleaning, complete oral exams, fillings, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, porcelain bridges, porcelain crowns, single visit crowns, porcelain onlays, in-office bleaching, sealants, gum treatment, gum surgery, implants, bonding, root canals, TMJ disorder treatment, oral surgery, dentures, partial dentures, same day denture repairs, anti-snoring treatment and Invisalign. We also conduct periodontal scaling and root planing, a non-surgical procedure that allows for the high-quality deep cleaning that our patients with chronic periodontitis particularly appreciate. Wondering if pediodontal scaling and root planing is for you? Call us to talk to your local Dentist Maspeth; he or she will tell you that periodontal scaling and root planing will help to mitigate the worst symptoms of advanced gum disease, including bad breath, heavy tartar buildup, and unhealthy pocket depths of 4mm or more. While your condition may require more than one visit, periodontal scaling and root planing is a low-risk and effective way of curing gum disease; most patients find that their gums heal, becoming firm and pink again where they were once swollen and inflamed.

If you’re suffering from gum disease or simply want to know more about what Dent-Care Dental, LLC can do for you, don’t hesitate to call our office and book an appointment. We’ll book you with the Dentist Maspeth for your treatment, and you’ll be showing off your pearly whites in no time!

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