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Sedation Dentistry in 11104

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Sedation dentistry in 11104

Sedation dentistry in 11104
Sedation dentistry in 11104

The most obvious reasons why people seek out our sedation dentistry in 11104 are nervousness or anxiety. But you might also be fidgety and unable to sit still during dental procedures. And when you have more than one tooth to be worked on during the same session, sedation can also be very useful. Here at Dent-Care Dental, LLC, our goal is to provide you with the highest degree of quality dentistry, while keeping you at ease and comfortable.

Sedation is not the same thing as anesthesia. When you have a tooth extracted, a root canal, or even a filing, it is common to be numbed with local anesthesia. As a result, you will feel little or even no pain or discomfort at all while you are being worked on. Our sedation dentistry in 11104, though, is about calming you down. We understand that fear of being in the dental chair is very real, and not something you can just control with force of will. You should never go to any dentist who does not treat your concerns with the proper level of seriousness. You can’t just “get over it.” And no one should ask you to do so. You can rest assured that when you avail yourself of our sedation dentistry in 11104, you are in the best possible hands. Our dentist is totally qualified and experienced to administer sedation. Based on the option that you decide upon, we will make sure that you are completely prepared for it and that you know exactly what to do before and after. The bottom line is that we want you to be able to get the dental treatment you need, and helping you to manage your anxious feelings is a big part of that.

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