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Sunnyside Dental Office

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Porcelain veneer and porcelain restorations in Sunnyside

Sunnyside dental office
Sunnyside dental office

Teeth are made to be used, and as often happens abused. Years of biting and chewing all forms of food and drink will take their toll on teeth, making them dull or perhaps chipping or cracking them. Our Sunnyside dental office at Dent-Care helps neighborhood residents restore teeth that have been damaged or injured as well as providing the full range of general, restorative, cosmetic and implant dental services to the community. Our state-of-the-art offices are equipped with the latest dental technology to treat a wide array of problems and provide preventative care to help our patients avoid those problems.

Our Sunnyside dental office has many techniques to repair and protect teeth that have been afflicted by decay, cracks and other problems or injuries, including the replacement of teeth that are missing. For instance, if a tooth has a small crack, chip, is misshaped, stained or discolored our doctor can use a dental veneer to repair and protect it. A dental veneer is a thin sheet of a porcelain material that is matched to the color of the adjacent teeth. The veneer is fabricated from an impression our doctor makes of your teeth to fit exactly over the tooth, or if the tooth is misshaped or too short the veneer will make it match the rest of the patient’s teeth. Once affixed to the front of the tooth the veneer will seal off any cracks or chips to protect the tooth from decay or the cracks becoming larger. White veneers are also used to cosmetically whiten a patient’s smile.

For teeth with larger cracks, chips, areas of decay or have undergone a large restoration our Sunnyside dental office will place a porcelain crown over the tooth to seal it and protect it from infection and further decay. The crown also forms the new chewing surface for the tooth. A crown is also used to top a dental implant that is used as a replacement tooth for one that is missing. Make an appointment with our office for one of our doctors to evaluate your dental care needs.

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