Woodside cosmetic dentist

Woodside Cosmetic Dentist

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Veneers and whitening in Woodside

Woodside cosmetic dentist
Woodside cosmetic dentist

Veneers and whitening are two of the outstanding cosmetic treatments we offer here at Dent-Care Dental, LLC. It doesn’t take much to transform a dissatisfying smile into one you will be proud of.

For various reasons, some of your teeth may not have an ideal appearance. They could have chips or cracks, be crooked or misshapen, or have gaps that are too wide. If you have just a few discolored teeth, you may not think it worthwhile to have whitening done, but with veneers, you can cover up those teeth and restore your fully white smile. Veneers from our Woodside cosmetic dentist are thin shells made of porcelain. They are custom-made to fit directly over the fronts of your teeth. Porcelain is an ideal match for the color of your tooth, and it is also durable and stain resistant. They represent a long term solution to your aesthetic dental needs. Our Woodside cosmetic dentist bonds them to your teeth, and the outcome is that your smile looks natural, as if your teeth spontaneously repaired themselves. Our teeth whitening treatment counteracts the effects of habits such as smoking (and vaping), coffee and tea drinking, eating berries or curry, and any number of items that are known to stain your teeth. Store-bought products are tempting, but they can contain abrasive ingredients, which then damage your precious enamel. You can get ours done in-office, completed in about an hour or less. Or you can get a more gradual result from our take-home method. Both are completely safe to use, and give you outcomes that are noticeable and will last for up to several years, depending on how you maintain them.

Contact our office now and arrange your visit to come in and see our Woodside cosmetic dentist for a consultation to determine which treatments are best suited to your needs and preferences.

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