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Dental Plaque in Woodside

Dental plaque is a sticky, filmy bacteria that forms on your teeth and at the gum line. It’s not visible to the eye, but its effects can certainly be felt. Here at Dent-Care Dental, LLC, our goal is preventing you from experiencing the consequences that dental plaque can lead to.

Sugar is present in many foods and drinks, and even things that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider, such as ketchup and even “plain” cereal like corn or wheat flakes. Unfortunately, sugar (starch) is like fuel for the growth of dental plaque. When you get a cavity, it’s because of dental plaque. And when gum disease develops, it is also due to plaque. Our Woodside dentist office recommends brushing your teeth at least twice per day (more is better), and flossing once at bedtime. And you should also visit our dentist twice-yearly for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning. You see, the plaque that escapes your at-home oral hygiene efforts turn into hardened tartar, which can only be eradicated with a teeth cleaning at our Woodside dentist office. You’ll also have a checkup and periodic x-rays so that any tooth decay is diagnosed early enough to fill the resulting cavities promptly. If not, those cavities would only grow larger. The eventual outcome is predictable: infection, root canal, or maybe tooth extraction. Future cavities are made less likely through a teeth cleaning and its removal of tartar buildup. Any effects of current early stage gum disease, gingivitis are also reversed. And considering the danger of later stage gum disease, that’s reassuring.

The reality is that dental plaque poses a serious threat to your oral wellness. So don’t take unnecessary chances. Brush and floss at home, keep a watch on your sugar and starch intake, and contact us now to set up an appointment at our Woodside dentist office.

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